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Handschoenen FIA budget zwart


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With their new design, RRS Grip Control FIA gloves are more modern than ever, and very efficient with their grip pads.

One Look, one standard.

FIA 8856-2018

Here are new RRS Grip Control FIA gloves, with their incredible design, and fantastic feeling with their grip pads.

Specifications :

Manufactured with Nomex.

Anti-slip interior.

Reinforcement pads on the fingers and palms.

Sizes from 8 to 11.

What is FIA 8856-2000 ?

This is a standard to define technical and manufacture specifications for motorsports drivers.

This kind of equipment must weight 180gr/m² minimum, and must pass numerous safety and technical evaluation tests.

To sum up, the material is placed on a flame during 11 seconds.

When the flame is stopped, the material mustn’t burn or break.

11 seconds may seem a very short time, but stop to read this text during 11 seconds, figuring you’re trapped in a burning racing car. This time seems very long now…and they may be decisive to save you from a precarious situation.


Richtlijn maatvoering:

08: S

09: M

10: L

11: XL


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