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MFactory Final Drive Set

MFactory Final Drive Gears. Final drive gears are cut from high quality fully-carburized forged nickel-chromoly steel while also benefitting from a proprietary heat treatment process. As a result we are proud to offer enthusiasts the best final drive gears on the market today. By changing you final drive gear ratios, you can experience a dramatic increase in acceleration, giving you on average a 10-15% increase in torque throughout the entire rev-range over the OEM final drive.

Made from imported Japanese steel these final drives are ‘forged’ and ‘cryo-tempered’ for unsurpassed toughness. As used on several Championship winning race cars.

When installing your MFactory Final Drive, only use Torco Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF). This is the only oil MFactory recommend.

Verkrijgbare ratio’s:

– 4.00
– 4.267
– 4.533
– 4.600
– 4.71
– 4.923
– 5.167

Please note: This Final Drive does not fit in combination with an OEM LSD or with ATSS

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4.00, 4.267, 4.533, 4.600, 4.71, 4.923, 5.167