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EGT kit

 345,00  285,12 ex. BTW


The KMS Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) kit is a complete solution for measuring and monitoring your exhaust gas temperature. This is very important on high performance turbo engines to preserve the engine and turbo.
The EGT kit can also be used to measure and monitor oil, water and other temperatures.


  • Compact, lightweight and robust design (67mm x 35mm x 20mm)
  • Water resistant
  • 4 digit display
  • 0-1200 °C Temperature range
  • Analogue output 0-5V (KMS analogue input
  • Analogue output 10mV / 1°C

The KMS EGT kit is supplied including K-type thermocouple Ø3x150mm, compression gland, contra connector and instruction manua