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Versnellingsbakolie XTG 80w90 5L

 35,00  28,93 ex. BTW


XTG Gear Oil 80W90 GL5

API GL5 MIL-L-2105C/D / ZF TE ML 05A, 07A, 12M, 16B/C, 17B, 19B, MAN 342 M-1, 342M-2

Bardahl XTG Gear Oil 80W90 GL5 is a high-grade premium quality lubricant for mechanical transmissions. This oil has excellent anti-wear properties and gives very good protection against corrosion. It is made up of high-grade solvent refined base oils and special EP additives. The following properties are characteristic for this product: A high anti-corrosion and anti-foaming power. Excellent oxidation resistance. A very low solidification point. Very good extreme pressure (EP) properties.