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Throttle body’s enkel of dubbel


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Op de foto staat een twin (dubbele) body.
Wil je deze, 2x bestellen!

The twinbody is a direct replacement for the Weber DCOE carburetor. It is the most cost-effective and straightforward solution for upgrading your standard production engine.


  • Basic (2cylinder), 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder line sets can be supplied
  • Weber DCOE fitment
  • Seperate idle air bypass for each cylinder
  • Straight or tapered bores

Available dimensions:

  • Straight: Ø40, Ø42, Ø45, Ø48, Ø50 and Ø52 mm
  • Tapered:  Ø40-Ø42, Ø42-Ø45, Ø45-Ø48, Ø48-Ø50, Ø50-Ø52 mm


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