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Bardahl racing remolie DOT4 328°

 20,00  16,53 ex. BTW



Racing remvloeistof met hoog kookpunt

Kookpunt van 328°

Bardahl Brake Oil Racing XBF Bardahl Brake Oil Racing XBF is a professional formula supplied in a 450ml canister. BARDAHL XBF RACING brake fluid meets all the international requirements listed below. The XBF RACING brake fluid has a very high boiling point. It has been specially formulated for high performance hydraulic brake systems. This racing brake fluid is resistant to high temperatures generated by carbon/ceramic or steel brake discs. It is not compatible with silicone or mineral based brake fluids. Cannot be mixed with LHM fluids. Not classified as hazardous, High performance brake fluid with a high boiling point, Should not be stored near humidity, To be used at room temperature, Wear gloves and goggles for protection, Can corrode paint and plastic.